Chirp in Japan

It's not just the UK and Europe where Chirp is reducing theft.
Our systems have been in use for a few years in a range of industries in Japan. See below for some real world feedback and examples.

Chirp-zoneYocabito - Outdoor Things

Yocabito - Outdoor Things

With the Hub measuring just 14cm cubed, a Chirp installation is discreet. Yocabito uses Chirp-zone to protect high-theft products from flasks to camping equipment.



Chirp can be used in addition to conventional antennas to provide extra security. Book-off uses Chirp-zone to restrict high-value items to set areas.



Chirp is perfect for a department store. For this type of store it's often problematic to install EAS inside a larger building, especially with an open-fronted entrance.

Chirp-zoneChicago Regimentals

Chicago Regimentals

This firearm shop in Tokyo successfully uses Chirp-zone to safeguard and closely monitor valuable and hazardous weapons that are for sale in-store.

Chirp-edgeKyushu National Museum

Kyushu National Museum

This national museum in Japan uses Chirp-edge to protect 50 iPods in a huge 30,000 square metre museum and has eliminated theft following the installation.



Chirp-zone enabled Shoo-La-Rue to eliminate shoplifting despite their wide, open-fronted entrance and positioning of fashion items right up to the threshold

Chirp-zoneTory Burch

Tory Burch

A luxury handbag department store was experiencing many shoplifting incidents. After installing Chirp-zone, theft dropped to zero.