Shoo-La-Rue (Shuraru) is a Japanese fashion brand with multiple stores across Japan. Shoo-La-Rue specialise in clothing and accessories for women and kids. The store in this case study is located within the Blumer Hat Kobe Mall in Kobe, Japan

  • Area Covered: 180 sqm
  • Chirp Product: Chirp-Zone
  • Items Tagged: 100

Customer Feedback/Usage:

Shoo-La-Rue in Kobe were looking for a solution to tackle increasing theft whilst maintaining their wide open store within a large retail outlet.

"Since we are tenants of a commercial facility, we were unable to do anything in terms of crime prevention. Recently, shoplifting incidents has increased and so we started looking for a crime prevention product. With our store it is difficult to install gates because the frontage is wide and products are placed to the very limit of the aisle.

There has been no shoplifting damage since the installation of Chirp. We have already been able to reach out to our customers in three cases of attempted shoplifting."

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