Next-tek Exhibition Booth

A company called Next-tek has lots of expensive electronic items that it wishes to keep safe within its booth at a busy trade show.


The Chirp-zone Hub - acts as the "antenna" in the system


A Chirp-edge Tag is placed on each high-value electronic asset

Desktop Deactivator

Should any alarm be activated - or to remove the Tags at the end of the day - simply swipe the Tag over the Desktop Deactivator.

The Requirement

The company has multiple laptops, monitors and other high-value electronic goods.

Owing to the busy, temporary nature of an exhibition hall, it's not possible to install traditional EAS antenna by every company's booth.

Our Solution

Simply attach a Surface Tag or Lanyard Tag to each item you wish to keep safe. The Chirp-zone Hub casts a zone of up to 8 metres radius - simply adjust it to suit the size of your exhibition stand. If a Tagged item is taken outside of this zone, the Tag will alarm until it is returned to the safe area.

If this sounds like you...

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Chirp-zone Trial Pack (Mixed)

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