Our most popular system. If the area you want to cover has a perimeter (or edge) to it, then Chirp-edge is probably the best option for you

The System Basics

There are 3 key components in this system - the Hub, the Tags and the Deactivators.

Click each red dot to explore how these components would be installed within a typical store.

How it Works

Chirp-edge requires a hard perimeter. In most cases this is the walls of your store. By placing a Hub at the Exits/Entrances there is no way a customer can exit your store without passing through the signal. In other words, if the area you want to cover has an edge, then Chirp-edge is probably the system for you. 

Once a tag is attached to a product and activated, if it comes within range of the wireless signal emitted from the Hub, it will alarm. In other words, if a customer tries to take a tagged item through an exit, it will alarm. 

To deactivate the tag. The deactivator is mounted next to the checkout till. Simply pass the tagged item over the deactivator and it will bleep. It can now be removed from the product. 

The Technology

Chirp-edge uses a fairly basic but very effective RF (radio frequency) technology that communicates between the Hub and the Tags. The RF signal in the Chirp system is a different frequency to regular EAS antennas and so the systems can be used side by side if need be.

As an extra security measure, if a customer removes the Tag from the product (or in some cases tampers with the tag) then it will also alarm.

The range of the signal from the hub can be adjusted so that it covers bigger area, or if you want the tags to alarm further away from the exit. You can also add more hubs to expand the width of the area covered. Perfect if you have a wide open entrance. 

Practical Uses

Chirp-edge is perfect in any bricks and mortar building as an anti-theft measure.  Once you understand the simplicity of Chirp-edge, there are endless use cases. For example, Don’t want a customer to take an expensive handbag into the changing rooms?, simply add a Hub to the changing room. 

Our range of different types of Tags means Chirp-edge can be used in a whole variety of industries including Convenience Stores, Clothing and Apparel, Electronics and Hardware.  Click to view some of our use cases. 

Why should I choose Chirp-edge over EAS antennas?

Traditional floor-mounted gates are the industry standard. They are reliable and familiar, however:

  • They are not always cost-effective, particularly if you have a low quantity of products to protect
  • They take up a lot of shop space which could otherwise be used for merchandising
  • Some retailers - especially high-end retailers and boutique stores - prefer a clean, uncluttered store entrance, which is hard to achieve with floor-mounted antennas
  • They require commitment as they are installed into the ground, which may not be feasible on a short term premises lease

A reminder of the key benefits of Chirp-edge:

  • Uniquely, we can courier the system to you for you to set it up in-store yourself
  • It’s a cost-effective solution, especially if you have a low volume of products to protect
  • It can be ceiling-mounted to provide an open, clear and uncluttered store entrance
  • You can pack it down and transfer it to another location with ease

Examples of a Typical Installation

We have created a variety of Use Case examples which show the floorplan of stores within different industries, illustrating how Chirp-protect can be used to protect inventory in different environments.

Use Cases


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