Fashionable Jackets

A high-end fashion retailer specialising in jackets and blazers. They have an open-fronted entrance onto a busy street

Hubs 1, 2 & 3

The Hub - acts as the "antenna" in the system. The whole front of the store is open and so 3x Hubs will be needed.

Hub 4

The Hub - acts as the "antenna" in the system. The store also has a fire exit which it wants to alarm to prevent jackets being taken out through this door


A Chirp-edge Lanyard Tag is placed on each jacket

Desktop Deactivator

When a jacket is purchased, simply scan it over the desktop deactivator to disable the Tag so it can be removed

The Requirement

Fashionable Jackets is a luxury jacket store with a huge open-fronted entrance.

They wish to combat instances of theft where people walk out with products without paying. This has been happening both through the entrance and the fire exit. They do not wish to install EAS gates as this would detract from the uncluttered, open entrance.

Our Solution

The store is easily protected with a series of Chirp-edge Hubs and a Lanyard Tag on each jacket. If a Tagged jacket is taken too close to either the exit or the fire exit then the Tag will alarm.

Mounting the Chirp hubs into the ceiling maintains a clean, uncluttered appearance at the entrance to the store.

The store requires 3x Hubs at the entrance (due to the width of the store entrance) and 1x Hub at the fire exit.

If this sounds like you...

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