About us

We launched Chirp-protect at Euroshop, Dusseldorf in February 2020 just as Covid began to circulate.
The ensuing lockdowns and slowdowns in retail was not a great start for Chirp-protect but it made us determined to succeed

Today we have three avenues to bring this product to market:

Out the Box Solution

For most UK customers it's as simple as buying one of our Chirp-protect Trial Packs and setting it up in your own store. You have 30 days to make sure you're happy with how it works.

t: 01202 925 489
e: sales@chirp-protect.com

International Customers

For customers based outside the UK, we have a small but growing network of distributors who are better placed to provide Chirp equipment and product support. If you'd like the contact details for your nearest distributor - or you're interested in becoming a distributor yourself then please contact us.

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Enterprise Solution

We have partnered with the market-leading Checkpoint Systems to supply Chirp-protect to larger chain customers. If your business requires SLA agreements, maintenance contracts or have more complex requirements then we will be happy to help you.

ACS Members

Chirp-protect are proud members of the The Association of Convenience Stores. Representing over 33,500 local shops in the UK, the ACS does great work through effective lobbying in a political capacity, as well as offering comprehensive advice and networking opportunities.

TDR Solutions

Chirp-protect is part of Total Distribution and Retail Solutions, a Japanese-owned company focusing on a diverse range of products and serviced aimed at the retail industry. For more information, check out our website.