How Chirp Works

Chirp is simple to install and operate - the entire system functions off just 3 key components:

The Hub

The antenna 

Measuring just 14 cm cubed, the Hub is the heart of the system. It can be mounted out of the way, leaving an open and uncluttered store entrance.

The Tags

Attach a Tag to each product

We have a range of Tags to protect different types of products including apparel, electronics and alcohol. With our Tags, it's the Tag itself that alarms, not the antenna.

The Deactivators

Deactivating the system

Whether a Tag is alarming - or you wish to deactivate a Tag before removing it from a product - you can do this using either our Desktop Deactivator or our Remote.

Two Different Solutions

We provide two different Chirp-protect systems that work in opposite ways, so we're confident that we have a solution for you.


If the area you want to cover has a perimeter (or edge) to it, then Chirp-edge is probably the best option for you

How Chirp-edge Works


If the area you want to cover doesn’t have a physical perimeter, and you need to create your own perimeter (or zone) then Chirp-zone if probably the best option for you.

How Chirp-zone Works

Choosing your System

Chirp Hub
Lanyard Tag
Surface Tag
Wrap Tag
Bottle Tag
Desktop Deactivator
Remote Deactivator