Day's Convenience Store

A convenience store in a village selling all kinds of everyday items including a range of approximately 50 bottles of wine and spirits.


The Hub - acts as the "antenna" in the system


A Chirp-edge Tag is placed on each high-value bottle of wine or spirits

Desktop Deactivator

When a bottle is purchased, simply scan it over the desktop deactivator to disable the tag so it can be removed

The Requirement

Day's Convenience Store measures 8m x 12m and has a standard four-walled perimeter and a standard width entrance.

They have recently been experiencing theft of high-value bottles of wine and spirits. The owner, Phillip Day, can't justify the cost of installing physical EAS gates to protect such a small amount of products - plus he just doesn't have the floorspace at the entrance.

Our Solution

Our new Bottle Tag fits the vast majority of wine and spirit bottles. The system can be set up by the store owner in minutes and is affordable when compared with the cost of installing EAS antennas.

What's more, by mounting the Chirp-edge Hub out of the way above the exit he's able to maximise the merchandising offers available to customers.

As well as the Hub and Bottle Tags he installs the Desktop Deactivator by his till and simply swipes a bottle over it at the point of purchase to deactivate the Tag.

If this sounds like you...

We suggest you trial this pack:

Chirp-edge Trial Pack (Bottle)

In-store Setup

The image below shows how you would set up the 3 key components of the Chirp system in your store. Click each of the 3 dots to inspect each item.

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