Chirp-edge Tag - Bottle (Pack of 6)

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The Bottle Tag has been designed for the Convenience Store market where there is a pressing need to safeguard items that are high-risk - particularly beers, wines and spirits.

Often, convenience stores are reluctant to install traditional EAS antennas because it's difficult to justify the cost of installation when only a handful of products require protection. And also, the floorspace needed for the antennas significantly reduces the amount of merchandising space for promotional goods.

Chirp tackles both of these issues by having just a small 14cm cube that be mounted out of way and requires no difficult installation.

Sold in packs of 6 Tags.

Internal tightening cables

Thick cables inside the tag tighten around the bottle neck, creating an additional tamper-proof measure

Reinforced polycarbonate

Strong shell to protect the top of the bottle and prevent it being opened

Secure push button

Depress this button when it's time to remove the Bottle Tag

How it Works

The Chirp-edge Bottle Tag couldn't be simpler to fit...

  1. Depress the button to activate the Tag
  2. Position it on the top of the bottle
  3. Twist the clear cap to tighten the Tag around the bottle neck
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