Dave's DIY Store

A large DIY wholesalers has a large range of expensive power-tools.


The Chirp-zone Hub - acts as the "antenna" in the system


A Chirp-zone Tag is placed on each power tool

Desktop Deactivator

Should any alarm be activated - or to deactivate a Tag at the point of purchase - simply swipe the Tag over the Desktop Deactivator.

The Requirement

The DIY store wants to have the power tools on show for customers to inspect and hold, but for theft and safety reasons does not want them taken away from the tool section. It needs a way to keep them confined to a set corner of the store.

Our Solution

The store installs a Chirp-zone Hub to the aisle racking and then a Tag to each power tool. If any product is taken more than a few metres away then the Tag will alarm until either it is returned to the correct aisle or it is deactivated by an employee. The store can use either Lanyard Tags or Surface Tags depending on the power tool.

If this sounds like you...

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Chirp-zone Trial Pack (Mixed)

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