Johnny's Sports Warehouse

A city sports warehouse has stock of expensive bicycles and also sells sports gear and accessories.

Hub 1

The Hub - acts as the "antenna" in the system. One Hub is placed in the changing rooms.

Hubs 2 & 3

Two further Hubs are placed in the 10m wide store exit


A Chirp-edge Lanyard Tag is looped onto each high-value bicycle


A Chirp-edge Wrap Tag is placed on boxed sports equipment in the retail section of the warehouse.

Desktop Deactivator

Two Desktop Deactivators are installed at the tills. When a product is purchased, simply scan it over the desktop deactivator to disable the tag so it can be removed

The Requirement

The Sports Requirements has a couple of requirements. First, they want to ensure that no client removes a bicycle from the store. They are lightweight and cost over £1,000 each.

Secondly, they have a small retail area which sells sports gear. They have been experiencing theft where clients take the equipment into the changing rooms and then hide it to steal it.

Our Solution

For this situation we would recommend a Chirp-edge Hub in the changing rooms and also two Hubs at the main exit. The door is 10m wide and so they will need 2 Hubs to cover the full width.

Each bicycle would have a Lanyard Tag attached and the sports gear would have either a Surface Tag, Lanyard Tag or Wrap Tag attached depending on the nature of the product and the packaging used.

If this sounds like you...

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