Kyushu National Museum

Kyushu National Museum

The Kyushu National Museum opened on October 16, 2005 in Dazaifu near Fukuoka—the first new national museum in Japan in over 100 years, and the first to elevate the focus on history over art.

  • Area Covered: 30,000 sqm
  • Chirp Product: Chirp-Edge
  • Items Tagged: 50

Customer Feedback/Usage:

The Kyushu National Museum uses apple iPods to introduce exhibits in the paid area of the museum. They needed a solution to stop the theft of these iPods. One of the issues is that they only required a small number of tags (50 in total) and so it was hard to justify a hard installation. 

Chirp-Edge proved to be the perfect solution as it only required two hubs to cover the entire entrance to the museum. The lanyard tag is attached to the lanyard for the iPods which ensures the iPods cannot leave the museum without being detected. 

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