Chicago Regimentals

Chicago Regimentals

This unusual business specialises in importing, sales and rental of deactivated and registered antique firearms. As well as selling to collectors the business also provides firearms as props for movies and photoshoots. 

  • Area Covered: 50 sqm
  • Chirp Product: Chirp-Zone
  • Items Tagged: 100

Customer Feedback/Usage:

Considering the nature of the products to protect, Chicago Regimentals needed a solution that will cover the blind spot within their store. 

“With Chirp, it is possible to take security measures across the entire floor, and even if the tag is forcibly removed, it will ring, so it is now possible to entrust security measures to the blind spots with confidence. .. In the past, staff had to keep an eye on the movements of customers on the floor, which had a considerable impact on the work efficiency of other tasks. With the introduction of  Chirp, we are now completely entrusted with crime prevention measures, and we are also experiencing secondary effects such as improved work efficiency for staff.”

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