Blooming is a Japanese fashion brand with multiple stores across Japan. Blooming specialise in clothing and accessories for women and kids. The store in this case study is located within the Nishi Ginza Mall in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Area Covered: 60 sqm
  • Chirp Product: Chirp-Zone
  • Items Tagged: 150

Customer Feedback/Usage:

A common issue in Japan where a store is part of a larger department store or mall. In these cases the store normally has a large open fronted store and generally regular EAS security has not been installed. Therefore the store needs to look at a system that can be retrofitted. 

"We are a tenant of the Nishi Ginza department store so we struggle in terms of crime prevention. Recently, shoplifting damage has increased and so we were looking for a crime prevention product. 

There has been no shoplifting damage since the installation of Chirp-Zone. Since we operate multiple stores, we would like to consider introducing it at other stores as well."

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