Book-off started life as Japan’s largest chain of used bookstores (866) in total. Now these stores can be found in several counties including USA, Korea, and France, and the stores now sell a wide range of used products from clothing to electrical.

  • Area Covered: Varies per store
  • Chirp Product: Chirp-Zone
  • Items Tagged: Varies per store

Customer Feedback/Usage:

Book-off use Chirp-zone in conjunction with regular EAS security. This allows them to add an additional layer of security to high value products and ensures that these products are kept within their designated area. This deters the customer from wandering around the large store with high value items. It also means to store can dispense from lockable wires common in these types of store. 

"We have a large variety of different products in our stores. Historically we had staff to monitor each department in our store and we used wires to keep the high value items extra secure. 

Now with Chirp-Zone we can allow customers to pick up the product and inspect it, but if they try and wander off into another area, the alarm sounds and so our staff can find them and assist them with their purchase."

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