Yocabito - Outdoor Things

Yocabito - Outdoor Things

Yocabito - Outdoor Things is a camping and outdoor equipment brand in Japan. Yocabito started out as an online brand but is now venturing in to physical stores. 

  • Area Covered: 330 sqm
  • Chirp Product: Chirp-Zone
  • Items Tagged: 100

Customer Feedback/Usage:

"As a company that was historically focused on e-commerce, when opening its first real store, we needed to consider a crime prevention solution that does not spoil the landscape.

The store is about 330 sqm, and there are many products, and so it was difficult for staff alone and prevent shoplifting. Since introducing Chirp-zone shoplifting loss has not occurred at present.

One key benefit for us is that the power to the unit can be taken from the light rail across the ceiling, and the main body can be attached with the camera fixer. This meant we can install a system without spoiling the landscape of the store."

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