Helena's Boutique Bags

A medium-sized Bricks and Mortar boutique store selling designer handbags

Hub 1

The main Hub - acts as the "antenna" in the system. Positioned by the exit and will alarm if a Tag is taken too close to it.

Hub 2

A second Hub is installed at the entrance to the Changing Rooms as Helena does not want handbags being taken in there


A Chirp-edge Tag is placed on each handbag requiring protection.

Desktop Deactivator

When a handbag is sold, simply swipe the Tag over this Desktop Deactivator and the Tag can be removed without alarming

The Requirement

Helena's outlet store measures 10m x 8m, with traditional walls and one standard width entrance of less than 10 metres, so she just needs a simple solution to make sure products aren’t taken out of the store unlawfully. She's had an issue recently where people have taken handbags into the changing room and either leaving them there or even stealing them.

She doesn't like the idea of traditional EAS antennas as she finds them unsightly and would prefer an open and uncluttered entrance to her store.

Our Solution

This is a reasonably straightforward setup - Helena simply requires 1x Chirp-edge Hub at the main exit and a second hub at the entrance to the changing rooms. She needs to protect 200 handbags and so purchases a further 7x packs of Lanyard Tags to add to the 1x pack received in the Starter Pack.

It's a busy store with lots of purchases and so Helena likes the idea of the Desktop Deactivator, where she can simply swipe the Tag over the till worktop to deactivate the Tag.

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Chirp-edge Trial Pack (Mixed)

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