Airport Essentials

A concession store in a busy airport sells all kinds of travel essentials. Recently they have branched out into high-end headphones and similar consumer electronics.

Hub 1

The Hub - acts as the "antenna" in the system

Hub 2

The Hub - acts as the "antenna" in the system


A Chirp-edge Tag is placed on each high-value box of headphones

Desktop Deactivator

When a product is purchased, simply scan it over the desktop deactivator to disable the Tag so it can be removed and reused.

The Requirement

The airport store needs a way of protecting valuable headphones and other consumer electronics that are displayed prominently for impulse buying.

Because the store has very large, open-fronted entrances, it's difficult to provide conventional EAS solutions.

Our Solution

We sell two products that can protect the inventory - our Surface Tag and our Wrap Tag.

With our Chirp-zone system, a tagged product will alarm if taken too far away from the Hub, which can be ceiling-mounted close to the exits. Each Hub has a radius of up to 8 metres radius and you can add as many Hubs as you need to cover the whole space.

If this sounds like you...

We suggest you trial this pack:

Chirp-zone Trial Pack (Mixed)

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