Convenience Stores

Shoplifting is a hot topic at the moment. Retailers want to continue to display alcohol and other high-value products prominently to encourage impulse buying. But leaving inventory out in the open leaves them susceptible to opportunistic theft. Here are 3 reasons why many convenience stores don't use traditional EAS antennas.

1) Traditional EAS antennas aren't always practical

It's not always possible to install EAS antennas at the exit. Perhaps the store has a very wide entrance - or it's situated within a larger building - such as a concession store.

2) Many stores don't have enough space for EAS antennas

Many convenience stores maximise their merchandising and don't have the free space to install physical EAS gates by the exit. Traditional antennas require a large area around them in order to operate correctly - that's a lot of lost retail space.

3) Difficult to justify an expensive, fixed installation for minimal inventory

Installing floor-mounted antennas is expensive and often impractical when less than 100 products need protecting.

Our Solution


The Chirp-edge system has a range of Tags designed to protect a variety of high-theft products such as alcohol, baby formula, detergents and meat and cheese.

Our brand new Bottle Tag allows you to display wine and spirits prominently whilst protecting against opportunistic theft.

Simply mount our 14cm cubed Hub above or close to the exit and then fit a Tag to each product you want to protect. If a tagged product is taken too close to the Hub then the Tag will alarm.

Cost-effective retail security with a clear, uncluttered store exit.

Chirp-protect Setup Floorplans

For an in-depth overview of how Chirp-edge would be set up to protect bottles of alcohol and other products in a convenience store, check out our Use Case page

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Chirp in the NewsChirp-protect deterring shoplifting in Welcome Co-op

Chirp-protect deterring shoplifting in Welcome Co-op

Welcome Co-op, Faversham recently re-opened after a major refit and chose Chirp-protect to safeguard a range of high-theft meat products

Chirp in the NewsShortlisted for the Technology and Solutions Showcase

Shortlisted for the Technology and Solutions Showcase

Chirp-protect is thrilled to be of our 6 companies nominated for ACS's Technology and Solutions Showcase