Electronics Stores

Many stores selling electronics goods use traditional style EAS antennas at their exits. Most of the time these work fine to combat theft, but there are some situations where they don't quite work. Here are 2 reasons why many boutique stores don't use traditional EAS antennas.

1) Stores without a walled perimeter

Some Electronics Stores are concessions inside a larger building. Due to the open nature of the store it is not possible to fit EAS antennas on the perimeter.

2) Difficult to justify an expensive, fixed installation for minimal inventory

Traditional EAS is particularly effective when you have hundreds or even thousands of items needing tagging. But it is not usually cost-effective or practical when less than 100 items need protecting.

Our Solution

Regardless of your store layout or requirement, Chirp-protect gives you effective retail security out of the box. We sell Lanyard, Surface and Wrap Tags to protect a range of electronic goods.


Designed for conventional, four-walled buildings. This is the recommended solution for low volume inventory tagging. The 14cm x 14cm hub can be ceiling mounted out of the way for a discrete, effective retail security solution for a wide range of electronics products.


For stores within a store - or stores without a defined perimeter our Chirp-zone Hub casts an adjustable protection zone of up to 8m radius. If any tagged product is taken outside of this zone then the Tag will alarm until it is either returned to the zone or deactivated by an employee.

Chirp Setup Floorplans

For an in-depth overview of how Chirp-protect would be set up to protect handbags - on both Chirp-edge and Chirp-zone configurations - check out our Use Case page