Reduce Shoplifting in your Store

is the average amount a store loses through crime each year*.
That's over £200 every month...

Chirp-protect can help you reduce this.

Security without barriers...

Install our out-of-the-box alarm tagging system in minutes

  • A discreet Hub: which is simple to install and sits above or near the exit
  • A range of Security Tags: protect higher-value items like alcohol, baby formula, detergent, meat & cheese
  • No obligation: Risk-free 30 day money back guarantee
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A setup that's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1) The Tags

Attach a Tag to each product

We have a range of Tags to protect different types of high-theft products including alcohol, baby formula, meat and cheese and washing detergent. With our Tags it's the Tag itself that alarms, drawing attention much quicker.

2) The Hub

The antenna

Measuring just 14cm cubed, the Hub is the heart of the system. It's designed to be mounted by your exit up and out of the way, leaving an open and uncluttered entrance and an easy and discreet installation.

3) The Deactivator

Deactivating the Tags

To deactivate a Tag - either if it's been set off or because the product it's protecting has been sold, simply pass the Tagged item over the Desktop Deactivator. The Deactivator can be mounted discreetly under a counter.

In Summary

Chirp-protect is the only retail security system that can be shipped to you and trialled in store, covered by our no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Why not arrange a trial today and reduce shoplifting in your store?

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