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Why Chirp over Traditional EAS Solutions?

Why Chirp over Traditional EAS Solutions?

Chirp-edge is our most popular system and works on a similar principle to conventional EAS antennas. You position the Chirp-edge Hub near your exit and if a tagged product is taken too close to the Hub then it will alarm.

There are a few key benefits of our system over traditional approaches:

1. The hub is just 14cm x 14cm in size and can be ceiling mounted out of the way. Some people prefer an open, uncluttered exit, while others like to maximise the amount of products they can stock on-site. Chirp allows you to have shelved products right up to the exit if you wish.

2. It's the Tag itself that alarms, not the Hub. The alarm will follow the product as the customer moves around the store.

3. Chirp-edge can be set up very quickly and requires only a basic knowledge of DIY. This is unusual in the industry. We're able to ship Trial Packs so you can try it in your own store environment and be safe in the knowledge that you're covered by our 30 day money back guarantee.


4. Traditional floor-mounted antennas are costly to install and maintain and usually don't make sense to protect just a small amount of products.


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