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A petition for Security Grants for small businesses

A petition for Security Grants for small businesses

The Federation of Independent Retailers (the Fed) is calling on the Government to provide grants of up to £1,500 to smaller, independent retailers to help them purchase equipment to counter in-store theft.

Theft and robbery against retailers has reached record levels, rising by 24% in the past year, with shop owners and staff across the country facing over 850 incidents of abuse and violence each day.

On average, it costs £4,500 to install security measures such as CCTV, panic buttons and security alarms in a store. Independent retailers struggle to pay this due to being hard-pressed financially with rising costs and reduced margins.

Chirp-protect thinks this is a great cause. Our Bottle Tag Trial Pack is a great example of a retail security product that a convenience store could use a grant to purchase in order to tackle theft of wine and spirits.

You can join us in signing the petition at:

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