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Introducing our latest tag - The Bottle Tag

Introducing our latest tag - The Bottle Tag

Chirp-protect is excited to announce the launch of the new Bottle Tag. Designed to protect high-value, high-risk Wines and Spirits in the Convenience Sector.

Traditional EAS antennas are often too bulky or big to install in a convenience store, where space is extremely limited. It's also usually difficult to justify the cost and inconvenience of installing floor-mounted antennas to only protect a few dozen products.

The key benefits of Chirp-protect are:

  1. We can ship a Trial Pack to you to set up in-store in minutes
  2. It's covered by our 30 day money back guarantee for added piece of mind
  3. It's cost-effective, especially on lower amounts of inventory
  4. Once set up, you can consider adding other types of Tags to protect other high-value products such as baby formula, consumer electronics and even washing detergent

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