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Chirp or Zone - what's the difference?

Chirp or Zone - what's the difference?

A lot of people want to know the difference between Edge and Zone. They are similar looking systems but work in completely opposite ways!

Edge is similar to traditional EAS antennas. You position the Hub close to your exit and if a tagged product is taken too close to the Hub then it will alarm.

Zone works the other way around. If a tagged product is taken too far away from the Hub then it will alarm. This is a more niche requirement but opens up the idea of product protection to many companies or industries where it's not currently viable.

Chirp-zone is used by one of our customers in a high-end fashion store. They have EAS gates at the exit, but on the second floor they have a display of very expensive designer handbags. Being notified of theft at the exit is good, of course, but retailers want to know much sooner if their product is being taken somewhere without authorisation. Fitting a Chirp-zone system next to the handbags lets staff know as soon as it's removed from that specific area and the threat of theft is greatly reduced.

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