Chirp Zone Tag - Lanyard (Pack of 25)

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The Lanyard Tag is a looped style tag which has a detachable cable to wrap around an object. Ideal for protecting handbags and other apparel items. This tag works in the same way as our other tags in that it will alarm if taken too far away from the Chirp-zone hub, but has the added security measure that it will alarm if the cable is disconnected.

We sell a range of compatible cable lengths to suit different requirements.

The Tag

A hard plastic Tag containing the Chirp alarm

Durable Lanyard Cable

Plastic looped cable sold in different length variations

How it Works

The Chirp-zone Lanyard Tag couldn't be simpler to fit...

  1. Loop one end of the Tag cable around the product
  2. Connect the loose end of the cable to the Tag
  3. The Tag self-activates

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