Chirp Zone Tag - Surface (Pack of 25)

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The Surface Tag features a pressure switch that gets depressed when the tag is stuck to a boxed product. This tag works in the same way as our other tags in that it will alarm if taken too far away from the Chirp-zone hub, but has the added security measure that it will alarm if ripped off the product that it's protecting.

To fix these a Surface Tag to a product we sell adhesive pads.

Another useful accessory is our carrier label. This is a clear plastic label for use when you want to protect the products packaging. Simply fasten the carrier label first, and then stick the adhesive pad plus Surface Tag to the product.


The Tag

Firmly stuck to the product

Wrapped Product

Because the Surface Tag uses a high tack adhesive, we recommend either using it on packaging that has a polythene wrap or using one of our specially designed carriers (coming soon!)

How it Works

The Chirp-edge Surface Tag couldn't be simpler to fit...

  1. Attach the adhesive pad to the Tag
  2. Depress the button to activate the Tag
  3. Firmly stick the Tag onto the product

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