Chirp Edge Tag - Wrap (Pack of 6)

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Size: 900mm

The Wrap Tag has a cable on an internal reel, which extends to wrap around boxed products such as headphones, computer accessories and mobile phone boxes.

Once the cable is wrapped around the product, you simply press the button to activate the Tag and then rotate to retract the cable until it's tight around the product.

There are two types of Wrap Tag which differ based on the lengths of cable - 900mm and 1,100mm.

Strong cable

Durable plastic cable to wrap tightly around the product

Twist to tighten

The cassette holds 900mm or 1100mm of cable (depending on tag version). Rotate to retract the cable once it's around the product.

Secure push button

Depress this button when it's time to activate the Tag

How it Works

The Chirp-edge Wrap Tag couldn't be simpler to fit...

  1. Extend the cables to comfortably fit around the product
  2. Depress the button to activate the Tag
  3. Rotate to tighten the cables around the product

Tamper-proof Function

Another feature of the Wrap Tag is that it's tamper-proof.

If someone tries to remove the Tag before it's deactivated then this will also activate the Tag's alarm, drawing attention to the situation.

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