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Chirp in the news... Retailer in Chirp trial

Chirp in the news... Retailer in Chirp trial

This week Chirp-protect was mentioned in Retail News magazine following a successful installation at a Costcutter store in Epsom.

Retailer Sue Nithyanandan has tagged 40-50 Tags on high-value items that are commonly targeted and she recognises that this is a deterrent to theft whilst not being too obtrusive for her regular customers.



Retailer in Chirp trial

Retailer Sue Nithyanandan is embarking on a trial with product-tagging company Chirp Protect to stamp out theft in her Costcutter Epsom store in Surrey.

Installed last month, the system includes a sensor at the entrance, tags on products and a 'deactivator' at the counter.

Unlike similar systems found in supermarkets, it does not require security barriers on each side of the entrance.

The Fed member told RN: "We've put 40-50 tags on our high-value items that are commonly targeted - meats and cheeses. It deters thieves before it becomes a problem and it's more subtle than other systems. We're a community store, and we want to be welcoming, while keeping stock and staff safe."


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