Chirp in the News

Chirp helping independent convenience stores

Chirp helping independent convenience stores

Chirp-protect with another write-up in Retail News magazine.

Product tagging firm Chirp Protect is successfully delivering a return on investment in every independent convenience store trialling the service.

Speaking to Retail News, Chirp's Sales Development Manager, Michelle Miles, said the £1,100 plus VAT trial kits were preventing enough shoplifting to pay for themselves within three months to two years, well below the products' three-to-five year lifecycle.

Unlike other systems, only a small sensor above the door and a deactivator at the till is needed, with the rest contained within the tags, meaning the alarm follows the thief beyond the premises.

The success enabled trial stores to put higher-value stock on shelves and in places based on suitability rather than visibility. "We are here to protect retailers' sales and margins," Miles said.

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