Try Chirp in your own store

The best way to know if something's right for you is to try it first.

Normally, setting up a Retail Security system requires a complete commitment and a hard installation. But Chirp is so straightforward to set up that we can ship it to you for a trial in your own store.

All you need to do is decide which Trial Pack is best for your requirements. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're confident you'll see how beneficial Chirp is straight away. But for complete peace of mind, every Trial Pack is covered by a 30 day guarantee where you can exchange it for a different configuration or even have a full refund if it's not for you.

Choose Your Trial Pack

Do you need Edge or Zone?


Chirp-edge is best if you have a traditional bricks and mortar building with four walls and you wish to be notified when a product is taken too close to the exit.


Chirp-zone is best if you don't have a standard walled perimeter - or you wish to keep certain products within a particular area of a traditional store.

Need More Information?

Our Discover section is a work in progress and so it might not yet contain all of the information you need to be confident on the right Trial Pack for you. 

Therefore, if you'd rather chat to a real person who can identify the best pack for your requirements, then why not arrange a quick discovery call.

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