The Basics

The Chirp system consists of 3 main elements:


The Hub is the heartbeat of the system, communicating with each of the tags in your setup.

You can set it up in minutes any time, any place. You can even use multiple hubs together to extend the range by creating a web.

The (L) Hub measures approx 20cm x 20cm and casts a wireless zone of up to 5 metres.


Our main tag is a lanyard style which can loop around the product you wish to protect.

If a tag is taken too far away the the tag will alarm until it's returned to the chirp zone. Similarly, the alarm will sound if the lanyard cord is disconnected or cut.

We offer varying lengths of cables as optional accessories and we are developing new tag varieties.


There are two parts to the control system - the Remote and the Remote Resetter.

The Remote activates and deactivate each tag. It only stays active for 24 hours before needing reactivating to combat loss/theft.

The Remote Resetter is used to reactivate each remote control at the start of each day.

Starter Pack

To get you started we've created a Starter Pack that contains all you need to get set up and start protecting a minimum of 25 products within up to a 5m radius.

The Starter Pack contains:

  • 1x Hub

  • 25x Lanyard Tags

  • 1x Remote Control and 1x Resetter

If you need to protect more products or cover a larger area then why not expand your system?

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