Hub (L)

The hub is the central point of the chirp system. You place this in the centre of your safe zone and it casts a wireless signal to create a virtual perimeter within your shop, stand or stall.

The (L) Hub casts a wireless zone of up to 8 metres.

Use multiple hubs together to extend the range by creating a web. 

Create a Network of Zones

You can configure multiple chirp hubs to create a network of zones protecting your goods. It takes just minutes to set up and can be done any time, any place.

The hubs and tags can even operate on different frequencies, so different products can be safe in different, overlapping zones. It is a clever and flexible system.

Hub Accessories


Ceiling Bracket

Attach a hub to your ceiling out of the way

Battery Pack

Power your hub from a battery - ideal for outdoor use

Power Cable

Replacement power cable for UK mains

Coming Soon

New chirp developments in the works!