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Pre-Sales Questions

1What's the Difference Between the Tags?
The Lanyard Tag is our most popular style and is the one that comes with either Hub package (in a bundle of 25). The Lanyard has a detachable loop which you can use to secure it around items - or a number of items - to keep them safe.

The Surface Tag has a pressure switch. You set your item on top of a Surface Tag and if the product is moved then the switch will be triggered and the alarm will sound.
2Can I Customise the Tags?
We are working on small bespoke stickers which can go on the Surface Tags to provide identification and branding tied in with your company's logo or corporate colours. Send us an email to find out more.

Product FAQs

1How far is the range of the Hub?
The Current version of the Hub is around 5m radius.
2Can the Hub be Jammed?
Because of the unique way that Chirp works, signal jamming has no effect on the system. In fact, jamming or breaking the signal between the tag and the hub will activate the alarm in the tag.
3What’s the difference between the Tags?
The most popular tag is the lanyard tag which has several different options of cable length from 12cm to 2m. This is the tag that comes with the starter pack.

We do also offer the surface tag. This has a pressure switch which sits flat against a product. If the tag is detached from the product the alarm is activated. The surface tag has several different ways of being attached. Click here for more information.
4Can I Customise the Tags?
Currently the tags come in a single grey colour. In the future we will be looking at the options of different colour tags and possibly printing too.
5How long does the battery last in the Tag?
The battery in the tag should last around 30 months but this time can be shortened if the alarm is activated more often than normal.
6How do I activate/deactivate a Tag?
You can activate a tag simply by attaching it to a product whilst in range of the hub. The only way to deactivate the tag before removing from a product is by using a specially coded remote control. Click here for the set up guide

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