Lanyard Tags and Surface Tags

Lanyard Tag

The Lanyard tag has a 17cm cable loop connected to it.

If the cable is either disconnected, or cut then the tag alarm will be activated even if the tag is within range of the hub. 

We offer varying lengths of cables as optional accessories.

Surface Tag

The Surface tag has a small depression switch which means the tag can then be attached to the surface of product by either adhesive pad, or zip tie.

If the tag is removed from the product then the depression switch is activated even if the tag is within range of the hub.

There are a range of accessories available to make the Surface Tag even more effective and with a larger number of applications.


Lanyard Tags

For the Lanyard style tag we sell different length cables, ranging from Extra Short to Extra Large. This enables you to loop the tag around larger - or even multiple - products.

Cable – 800×600

Extra Short

Cable – 800×600


Cable – 800×600


Cable – 800×600


Cable – 800×600

Extra Large


Surface Tags

For the Surface style tag we sell a range of accessories to help you better secure your tags to your products.

zip white png

Zip Ties

White x50
zip yellow png

Zip Ties

Yellow x50
zip black png

Zip Ties

Black x50
Cage – 500×500 png

Tag Cage

Secure Tag to any product
Sticker 500×500 png

Adhesive Pad

Adhesive pad to fix Tag to any product